Truss / Panel Fabrication Assemblers

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Component Manufacturing Company
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Sioux Falls, SD

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Andy Brehm
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No Preference

Job Summary

The Fabrication Assembler is a team member that performs manual roof and floor truss fabrication as well as wall panel fabrication by constructing the components on an assembly line in a fast pace environment with a crew.

Job Duties 

  • Ensure that proper safety and incident reporting procedures are followed
  • Review engineering layout and cut sheets to verify the correct wood materials, lengths, grade and size
  • Correctly set up the jig with team members for each specific truss in pre-production
  • Apply the correct plate sizes during assembly per computer aided design (CAD) software
  • Check quality of product and verify critical specifications such as heel height, seat cuts, depths, spans and squareness of the truss
  • Assemble the truss with the assigned team
  • Plan and pace work to equal the lead assembler
  • Achieve daily, weekly, project and team related productivity goals as determined by Production Management.
  • Ensure all components comply with required standards from the Truss Plate Institute (TPI) and other relevant regulatory agencies.
  • Stack and bundle all trusses;
  1. Verify all orders are correctly marked
  2. Move finished products to the yard and assemble bundling blocks
  • Maintain a clean job site:
  1. Collect all tools and equipment
  2. Secure job site to eliminate potential hazards
  1. Restock connector plates as needed
  2. Other duties as assigned
  • Knowledge of proper use of equipment, materials and supplies used in construction work including; nail gun, hammer, forklift, press machine, tape measure and saws
  • High School diploma or any combination of education or experience that demonstrates the knowledge and ability to perform the work
  • Ability to effectively operate in a team in a environment
  • Solid work history with a proven track record of successes in carpentry or manufacturing
  • Ability to effectively follow verbal and written instructions
  • Ability correctly to read a tape measure to the sixteenth of an inch quickly and with no errors
Other Requirements
Must Start Date: 
Monday, July 27, 2020
Must Have Reliable Transportation
Must be willing to
Work First Shift
Work Second Shift
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Work hours are Monday - Friday and every other Saturday.