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Ask the Builder: Wood Floor Trusses - Great Advantages

Tim Carter enthusiastically shares the benefits of building with floor trusses using video taken during the construction of his daughter‘s new home. He explains how prefabricated floor trusses have been available since the 1970's and are designed using advanced computer software.  Tim calls the floor trusses magical and shares how they can span longer distances without the need for a center support beam and allows for a more open floor plan. Watch Tim's other video on floor truss framing.

Ask the Builder: Prefabricated Wall Panels

Tim Carter communicates how components expedite the building process and highlights the many reasons to build with wall panels. In the video Tim explains that wall panels have been around since the 1940's but are now built using cutting-edge technology in an automated production facility. He also shares that wall panels are easy to install which allows for fewer workers with expert carpentry skills and that can save you money. Tim points out that wall panels speed up the building process, allowing the building to be dried in sooner and ensuring construction materials are more quickly protected from the impact of rain and snow. 

Ask the Builder: Attic Trusses - Huge Advantages

In this video Tim shows the simple value proposition of the attic trusses used to create a “bonus room” in what traditionally is wood webs, insulation and dead air.  He explains that roof trusses were invented in the 1950's and revolutionized the way roofs are framed. Another benefit Tim points out is that today's modern computer software allows for just about any size or shape to be built using roof trusses. Watch Tim's other video on attic truss design.

Want to know why roof trusses, wall panels and floor trusses are the best way to frame a building? Not only do you get superior structural performance and greater flexibility for achieving a more energy efficient building envelope, but they can be installed quickly to enable buildings to be constructed faster.  Watch the video below to get a sense on just how much faster!

Stick-Framing vs. Component-Framing: An Apples-to-Apples Framing Comparison

In 2015, two identical 2900 square foot ranch-style houses with a walk-out basement were framed side-by-side. The only difference was one house was entirely stick-framed, while the other home was framed using structural components, including roof trusses, wall panels and floor trusses. These are the results.

2015 Test Study Stick Built Component Savings
Total Jobsite Hours to Erect 375.5 hrs 152.1 hrs 223.4 hrs
Total Jobsite Waste Generated 15.0 cubic yds 0.5 cubic yds 14.5 cubic yds
Total Board Foot Lumber/EWP 20,643 bd ft 15,052 bd ft 5,591 bd ft

What We Learned

This study suggests that installing roof trusses, wall panels or floor trusses completes the task of framing in less time, requires less framer skill and experience, uses less material and ultimately results in a more reliable structure.

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