A Straightforward Approach to a Round Design

Curved trusses used in the framing of the mosque

Trusses can be used in nearly any type of structure. A mosque built in Granger, Iowa, showcases a unique use of roof trusses to construct a large dome, a common feature of any mosque. Armin Avdic, owner of Arko’s Custom Homes and longtime customer of Plum Building Systems, served on the board of the Islamic and Cultural Center Bosniak, the group responsible for bringing the mosque to Iowa. Armin advocated for bringing Plum in on the design after an all steel solution proved costly and raised safety concerns.

Using a combination of steel support beams, metal tension and compression rings, and 32 curved wood trusses the 20-foot- dome, which measured 20 feet tall and 40 feet in diameter, was built on the ground and lifted into place, proving wood and steel can work together and great relationships between builders and component manufacturers can provide constructive outcomes for unique projects.

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