Creating a Vintage Look

Visible floor/ceiling trusses above dining area.

A vast majority of construction projects end up hiding trusses behind some type of sheathing. However, that isn’t always the case. In a brewery in Sauk City, Wisconsin, the design-build project called for a variety of diverse building elements, including exposed trusses. The visible trusses created a 19th century, industrial aesthetic that were stained after installation to achieve the brewery’s desire for a darker atmosphere. While the trusses were visibly appealing, they still fulfilled their structural duties. Each truss was designed as “four-ply flat trusses that had 2x10s running between them on the top” with increased spacing to allow better viewing angles of the trusses and structure as a whole. While certainly not the norm, exposed roof trusses can offer an alternative interior design and add stunning architectural elements, creating a vintage look with modern construction.

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