Inventory Control Specialist

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Jacksonville, FL

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If you’d like to become part of an exciting, fast-paced organization, BMC is the company for you! 

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At BMC, the Inventory Control Specialist is at the hub of it all - touching almost every role within field operations to keep things smooth sailing. That means being a team player with a knack for optimization. They're in charge of making sure that inventory processes and procedures are done right - plus delivering on-target projections. Financial, operations, sales, delivery - this is a job that supports every corner of BMC's success.


Major Responsibilities:

  1. Oversee the receiving process for all products at the location.
  2. Analyze and review all special order vendor back orders as well as customer back orders that may be the result of poor inventory control practices.
  3. Analyze all Value Add and other Trend force ships and take appropriate steps to correct in the system.
  4. Work with appropriate RBC manager to set up and maintain all Bill of Materials in Trend.
  5. Ensure that the Value Add process is completed in a timely manner.
  6. Complete cycle counts as requested by the Sourcing Department and Location Manager.
  7. Notify the Sourcing Department of any inventory adjustment due to damage, short shipment, returns or for any other reason.
  8. Coordinate with the Sourcing Department inventory adjustments due to cycle counts needed at the location.
  9. Run the bi-annual fiscal inventory for the location.
  10. Notify / Requests of the Sourcing Managers of new product code set-ups.
  11. Work with any vendor that has been established to provide the company with a location “Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).”
  12. Maintain a working knowledge of all products manufactured in store and how they are assembled.
  13. Communicate with the Sourcing Department on all Cycle Count variances to find root cause of problems and to keep the problem from reoccurring.
  14. Work with Supplier Reps and/or the Sourcing Department to manage damaged and defective products to obtain most value for the company.
  15. Identify and manage surplus and obsolete inventory. Proactively works to reduce and manage this inventory.  Understands the impact of slow-moving inventory on the procurement process.
  16. Oversee Order Entry process to insure that orders are entered to best impact inventory usage such as managing and overseeing the use of Future Orders for maximum advantage.
  17. Work with the Sourcing Department to achieve the best optimized inventory. Project future usage changes and understands their impact on the system.
  18. Run RARR’s and orders from POERR and WTERR to maintain levels of assigned programs. Seeks out suppliers with Sourcing Managers guidance when normal ARP path supplier is out of stock.
  19. Enter PO’s into the system.
  20. Review all confirmations with price and quantities in Trend, updating pricing and ship date.
  21. Work with Sourcing Manager on getting any replacement cost updated as needed to keep variance to a minimum. 
  22. Maintain a confirmation file system.
  23. Communicate with CRS/SM on updating ICSW on items usage to maintain Trend files. This includes updating ICSW files, status, safety stock, lead time, usage adjustments and standard packs for assigned product categories or vendors.
  24. Works with Fulfillment Team to improve locations turns and profitability.
  25. Administers and maintains pool shipments as part of any “Hub & Spoke” distribution programs within a market.
  26. Administration and take-away reporting of vendor consigned inventory programs within a location or market.
  27. Review of daily NNA and PORBX reports with follow up to avoid any out of stock situations.
  28. Responsible to achieve inventory level targets and Open to Buy controls as set by the Director of Supply Chain Fulfillment. (Based on products replenished by ICS)
  29. Other duties that may need to be assigned.

Required Skills

  1. Minimum Education: High school diploma or GED.
  2. Interpersonal communication, writing skills, and highly organized.
  3. Computer literacy, Microsoft Office and Trend procurement procedures.


Required Experience
  1. Minimum Experience: 2 years experience in an operational staff position.
Education/Career Requirements
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High School Degree
Other Requirements
Must be willing to